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  • MixSIAR

    by brice.semmens, last updated 10/2/13, sharing set to Public
    *Update 8/6/14*
    MixSIAR is now being hosted on GitHub at Below the release notes, click the "Source code (zip)" button to download the .zip folder with the code and user manual.

    NOTE: I have not yet updated the User Manual, but I thought they were important enough to release now. Stay tuned for the updated manual!

    Important changes from the MixSIAR v1.0 code:
    - Several bug/error fixes
    - New scripted version, check out "mixsiar_script.r"
    - Altered the GUI function call to:
    - Added option for fixed effects
    - Separated OUTPUT button from RUN MODEL button
    - Simplified MCMC options (now choose from "test", "short", "long", etc. See "mixsiar_script.r" for details)


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