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This program animates the acoustic tagging data based on a system of passive listening stations . The animation can include any number of tags. For instance, you may have conducted a study with 5 tagged fish and an array of 10 listening stations (e.g. VR2 hydrophones). This software will allow you to animate the paths of your 5 tagged fish across 10 listening stations simultaneously. This software shows paths in real-time sped up. In other words, the time-line is preserved, but the user has the option to increase the display speed of that time line. In addition to animating the tag data, the figure darkens and lightens based on daylight (an approximation) and gives lunar phase in the top graph. Prior to installing TagTravel you MUST download the (free) Matlab component runtime library and run it once on your machine. Note also that installing new versions of TagTravel will require a new download and installation of the component runtime library. The folder TagTravel_GoogleMaps includes an updated tagtravel.exe that works automatically with Google Maps. Sweet!


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Item is folder source_code
- 7 items 04/20/2009 15:09 PDT 1884 106 d
Matlab source code for the GUI.
Item is folder TagTravel_GoogleMaps
- 2 items 03/19/2010 15:24 PDT 355 90 d
updated tag travel software that uses the Google Maps API to generate the map behind the paths automatically. If the map isn't working, disable your firewall temporarily while using the program (the program needs to connect via the internet to download the maps)
1 1.5 MB 11/05/2008 13:21 PST 217 217 f
An example of a animation created with the software. Requires the TSCC video codec listed below!
3 198.1 KB 04/20/2009 15:11 PDT 513 513 f
This is the GUI program. YOU MUST FIRST DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL THE MATLAB COMPONENT RUNTIME LIBRARY (SEE BOLD TEXT ABOVE). Next, download the file, unzip, and then run the .exe file. See the manual for further instructions on using the program.
3 334.5 KB 11/05/2008 16:08 PST 648 648 f
This is the manual for the program. Still in development.
1 172.8 KB 04/24/2009 13:51 PDT 174 174 f
The Techsmith video codec required to view the movie above. Download and install. (it's quick)



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