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brice.semmens said
Hi All-- We'd love to have feedback, and details on any bugs you find. If you think of improvements, please let us know!! Sorry that the manual is rough right now. -Brice and Jon
tiffschrie said
I have a comment concerning a system error encountered after using MixSIR. I successfully used the program once. However, the next time I started up my computer (after using MixSIR) my computer encountered a Blue Error. The error was supposedly from the addition of the new software installed. I uninstalled all MixSIR and MATLAB library program. However, in the instructions I'm suppose to run MATLAB once before downloading MixSIR. I do not have a MATLAB icon in my programs tab. How do I run the program? Sorry this question is probably juvenile but I'd like the download process to be successful this time. Thank you.
brice.semmens said
Hi-- Apologies for the problem! Since you uninstalled the Matlab component run time program (the very large exe file you must download and install before you can run the mixSIR program), you should download and install it again. After you have done this, download and run the MixSIR software from this site. If the blue screen happens again, please let me know. Even if I can't solve the problem, I can show you other software instances of the mixing model formulation we proposed. One such instance is MixBUGS, a WinBUGS version of MixSIR that can be run from the R software package. best of luck brice
jerlenbach said
Hi, Simple question for you: I'm trying MixSIR for the first time and have looked at the manual, but can't figure out what to put in my mix file. Are the rows in your trout example different trout or are they the same trout with multiple tissue samples? Also is there a way to get actual source contribution values with confidence intervals, rather than estimate from the graphs?
doucettejl said
Hello, First off, thank you for creating this program. It is easy to use, and your instructions are some of the best I've seen with regards to inputting data. I have a question, too. I just ran a model which provided output for 4 prey sources, although I had entered 7. I've never encountered a scenario where sources had absolutely no possibility of contributing to the predator - is this what these results mean? I also want to confirm that the output is in the order as the data entered, and as such the "missing" sources are indeed the last three as entered. Thank you, Jennifer
Jopinal said
Hello! I cannot access the link to the (free) Matlab component runtime library on the MixSIR project profile webpage. I also noticed that the manual specified using the R2006b version. However, available and free matlab runtime libraries currently start from version R2012a. I was wondering if I can use any of the newer Matlab runtime versions to run MixSIR. Thanks for your help!

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