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This is the GUI program. YOU MUST FIRST DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL THE MATLAB COMPONENT RUNTIME LIBRARY (SEE BOLD TEXT ABOVE). Next, download the file, unzip, and then run the .exe file. See the manual for further instructions on using the program.

Revision 3 : TagTravel_0.1.1.zip

by brice.semmens on 4/20/09 at 3:11 pm

Description of changes: fixed error that occured when data had only one tag
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Revision 2 : TagTravel_0.1.zip

by brice.semmens on 11/21/08 at 5:22 am

Description of changes: fixed bug in screen refresh, date text string display, and improved color separation in the tags
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Revision 1 : TagTravel_0.1.zip

by brice.semmens on 11/5/08 at 10:19 am


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