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MixSIR Version 1.0. Download, unzip, and run MixSIR.exe AFTER you have installed the Matlab component runtime library

Revision 5 : MixSIR_1.0.4.zip

by brice.semmens on 8/22/08 at 9:28 am

Description of changes: fixed minor bugs in coding, changed prior formultaion to Dirichlet
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Revision 4 : MixSIR_1.0.3.zip

by brice.semmens on 2/25/08 at 5:13 pm

Description of changes: fixed case issues, added a few more error catches, changed reporting on results pop-up
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Revision 3 : MixSIR_1.0.2.zip

by brice.semmens on 10/23/07 at 5:27 pm

Description of changes: fixed minor graph display problems, fixed about.txt file.
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Revision 2 : MixSIR_1.0.1.zip

by brice.semmens on 9/28/07 at 4:21 pm

Description of changes: improved graphics, and vectorized for much greater speed
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Revision 1 : MixSIR_1.0.zip

by brice.semmens on 7/30/07 at 4:56 pm


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